Team Talks: How COVID-19 has accelerated digital banking

As the world began to shut down earlier this year, and face-to-face interactions became a distant memory with people all over the world self-isolating and staying safer-at-home, the banking industry saw a rapid change in customer behavior and an accelerated demand for digital banking services. 

While digital banking has been on the rise for some time now, the COVID-19 crisis has put it into high gear, and banks that are not adapting to the new normal are losing what were once loyal customers, to competitors who can better service their needs when they can’t go to their local branch. 

But in this new, remote world, it’s not enough for banks to simply try and replicate in-person services online, customers are demanding more, and they want it faster and easier to use, and they’re demanding higher-than-ever levels of security. 

We asked our vice president of North American, Ian Cunningham and our commercial director for Brazil, Leandro Deffente, to share their insights into what the rapid change in customer behavior and accelerated move towards digital banking means for banks, and how they can adapt.  

You can watch what they had to say in the videos below.